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Customer testimonials say a lot about a company. Since it's beginning in 1961, Precision Drum Company has served thousands of customers with great results. Many of our customers have been kind enough to share their experiences with us by way of testimonials. If you are interested in a particular product or service from us, please read some related testimonials on this page.

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Customer service testimonials:

You folks at Precision are A #1. I wish every business had your work ethic. Danny P

II simply wanted to take a minute and thank you for the amazing, professional service you and your staff kindly provided for me. ... It is all to rare, unfortunately, in this age of monster marketing and predatory practice, to find a business that cares so deeply about its customers and its products. So again, thank you for your generosity. Bill Ketzer

Your office staff was VERY helpful and informative on the phone. The service you guys have provided so far has been excellent and I really appreciate it.  It is hard to find good service these days. Anyway, thanks for the great service, I'm definitely spreading the word about you guys. Craig M (Craigs drums)

I want to thank your organization for keeping the ”Service” in customer service. Paul J. Metzger

You guys are tops! Your workmanship is superb. I’m a woodworker myself and I know “precision” work when I see it. You definitely have the touch of excellence. Your customer service is A+++++++!!!  Jeff & Mary Louden

While covering two drums,  I had an occasion to  phone three times for advice with my project. Each time, the help given allowed me to finish the  drums successfully with no problems. Your employees are a credit to your establishment; they were friendly and knowledgeable. Don Millet

Received my drums a few days ago and i'm very impressed!! Not with the drums, they were always going to be good, but with the absolute first class service from you and your company.
From the very first e-mail to you I realized I was dealing with a truly professional company who value their customers no matter where in the world they may be. That's not always the case for us down here in Australia and I just wanted to say THANKS MATE in all sincerity. John Griffin

Thanks for getting my order out to me so quick.  It was great working with you on this re-wrap project.  I've used your competitors before and even though they're products seem to look just as good as yours, it takes a week to get an email response from XXX... I mean, the other guys!  Mike

Thanks for the great service and communication.
The shells are great.. couldn’t ask for anything better.
This was another great experience. I will not hesitate to  order again.  Jerry L.

Drum recovering services testimonials:

I received my shell back yesterday and it is amazing!! I'm speechless man! Many thanks to you and your entire staff! Your work has gone far beyond my high expectations here. I can't wait to work with you again!   Kyle Dossick. View picture.

Fantastic job on the shell. Your operation really does an awesome job. Way better than the factory wrap jobs that Ludwig does!!!  The drum is all put back together and it looks brand new again.  And now it matches my kit. Ray K.

Precision did a fantastic job on my 1963 Ludwig drums. They brought an older set in not-so-great condition back to life, plus I got the 60s Oyster Black color I had wanted since I first saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show! They were able to re-use my original badges and eyelets to give the set a detailed "original" look.  And all of the work was delivered on time. Thanks, Precision! Rob Gerver

Thank you for the great work done on re-wrapping and recovering my 1996 Fibes Drums. Unfortunately the "new" Fibes Drum Company does not offer Chrome wrapping for their drums which forced me to settle on a White Marine Pearl covering which I never liked. You had the right wrap, but beyond that, the quality of the workmanship was first rate, better than the manufacturer! The delivery was superb. It was easy and convenient to work with the staff through emailing and the phone, impeccable service.
For those who desire custom work for their drums this is the place to go! Count on me sending more work to you in the future!  Stuart Covit

I wanted to thank you again for the absolutely amazing job you did on  my drum kit. It really means so much to me that this kit has been  given a whole new life. This kit was my late grandfather's and I never
had the opportunity to have the work done on it that wanted until now.  I'm amazed all the detail and care you took for my drums. Again, that  means so much to me. This was worth every single penny and I am so  happy to support you and your company.  You were an absolute pleasure to work with and made this experiece so  incredibly easy and enjoyable which I really appreciate.  Bryan

Thank you for the tremendous job you did in recovering the Rogers 16" Floor Tom. I appreciate your attention to detail, especially with the bearing edges and hardware remounting. The drum looks and plays great!  Jeffrey Cary

The re-beveled bearing edges, wrap fit, wrap material, and re-drilled holes were just fabulous. But the thing that REALLY blew me away was someone from your company called me to confirm whether I played left hand or right hand as it makes a big difference when mounting the badges on to the two shell mounted toms. I am left handed and it made a HUGE difference to me and for that I will be forever grateful. Attached is me playing the kit at a wedding. No, I'm not mad at the drums, I just frown a lot when I play.  Charles Palumbo. View picture.

I recently forwarded a vintage Rogers Holiday Bass Drum to your facility for the purpose of having the drum wrapped in your Red Onyx finish.  As a prior satisfied customer, I had no doubt that the fine individuals working out of The Precision Drum Company would do another professional job. Needless to say, I was correct.  I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your fine workmanship and courteous service -- from the ladies working in the office to the craftsmen doing the actual installation of the wrap. The Precision Drum Company is one "class" operation.  The finish I purchased matches the rest of my kit PERFECTLY and I can't tell you how many compliments I've already received from those who've seen the complete kit.  THANKS AGAIN for your EXCELLENT service!  Gary M. Dycio

Bearing Edge services testimonials:

Received my Ludwig 8x14 shell with your new edges - it's night and day better. Beautiful work!  Much bigger and more pleasing sound, tuned up right away. Perfection. Thank you !  Louie Rozier
My old school Yamaha stage kit has never sounded so good! The Tom's were so melodic, easy to tune, and warm and punchy! So many compliments! Mark F.
I just had to write and tell you how happy I am with the job you did on my drums... you guys do great bearing edges! Thank you for being such a great company to work with.  Larry Balestra

I don't think many drummers realize just how important a true, crisp, edge is to the quality of a drums sound. I didn't realize it until I took the chance and spent the truly minimal amount to have Precision Drum re-cut the edges on my Yamaha Recording Custom tom shells. I was ready to sell these drums and get a new kit. But the craftsmen at Precision cut new life into my beloved RC's and I have three more shells shipping out today to get the treatment.  Thanks again.  Rob Sandrick

Drums received Gary.  They sound phenomenal.  Thanks for the nice work, great service and superior packing.  Best money I've ever spent on any musical equipment, ever!  Kevin Otto

Thanks guys.  The bass drum immediately was amazing! Just the greatest tone I’ve ever heard....SINGS
The 8x14 snare lost all the annoying high tones and out of control ring AND its super sensitive at soft dynamics now.  The tone is fuller, more lows, less out of control highs, fatter.  I dont have to turn as much on the tuning rods to change the pitch...its more sensitive to tuning. They still have a nice ring but its a more SINGING tone versus SHOUTING before.  Thanks so much.  Tom Killian

I thought I should send a note about my experience with Precision Drum Company. I purchased an early 70s Ludwig kit, 9x13, 16x16, & 14x22, 3 ply with reinforcement rings. I was having trouble with tuning because the edges were not level on any of the drums, and tuning was impossible. I like a very resonant sound, low with a lot of boom. That 70s ' Thing! I wrote to Precision Drum Company asking about cutting the bearing edges. I received a courteous reply. I was told that the prices on the web site were up to date, and that the work could be done quickly. I live under 100 miles from the Precision Drum Company so I dropped off the drums myself. I met a very busy, yet friendly, staff. They took the time to show me what needed to be done, why and how.
The work was done on schedule. I thanked them and took the drums home. I found the work to be very well done, and the drums now tune-up easily. The 9x13 tuned easily, and it sounds great. The 16x16 really resonates so much more than anything that I've ever had before, this side of a Vista-Lite . And the 14x22 sounds so very big, much bigger than just a 22".
I could not be more thrilled with the work done on these drums. I am impressed with the staff and the quality of the service that I received at Precision Drum Company. Whenever I need work done on my drums I will return to the professionals at Precision Drum Company.  Steve I.

I have had my Yamaha Recording Custom kit since 1993. My parents bought it for me when I graduated college. I have received a multitude of compliments regarding its appearance, and more importantly, its sound. However, I was never satisfied with the overall tone of the 10" by 10" tom. It produced a note that did note resonate like the other toms on the kit. I did not want to invest in a new kit so I figured I would call your company. I received the drum and immediately put the hardware, lugs, and drum heads back on. As I tightened the heads a little at a time I started to hear the drum's tone open up. It was AMAZING. It has its own note and resonance within its own tuning range. It can stand alone or can be a musical part of my other toms in their respective tuning ranges. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY NEW SOUND, AND FOR YOUR APPRECIATED CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Ron C. Ochoa

Thank you so so much for the work Precision did on my Gretsch catalina tom. OMG, I am so amazed how precise the cut and the apex bearing edge is. When I read on the Precision web site about how you can do much better cuts than when the drums come from the factory I said to myself, wow that’s a BOLD statement. But now I know its 100% true. I am so happy and please thank the tech who made the cuts on the tom. I am truly amazed.

Thank you so so much for the work Precision did on my Gretsch catalina tom. OMG, I am so amazed how precise the cut and the apex bearing edge is. When I read on the Precision web site about how you can do much better cuts than when the drums come from the factory I said to myself, wow that’s a BOLD statement. But now I know its 100% true. I am so happy and please thank the tech who made the cuts on the tom. I am truly amazed. Thank you for shipping lightning fast wow.  Curtis Vosburg

I just wanted to let you know the drum shells came back yesterday after your re-cutting work. First off, thank you for the super quick turn around time, getting them back so soon was a nice surprise! Second, and most important though, the quality of the work is outstanding!
The stock edges on my toms left a lot to be desired, and I never could get the sound of my drums to match the sound in my head. Tuning was always problematic and it took a lot of effort to get a decent sound. I went through four different sets of heads chasing the sound I was looking for and never quite got it.
Now, after getting the shells back I put a fresh set of heads on and tuned them up. No issues, no problems, and I found exactly the sound I was wanting very quickly. The clarity of sound and resonance is so much better than before, and the previous problem of each drum never being perfectly in tune with itself was finally gone. I feel like my drum set is finally able to show off its abilities, not it's limitations.  Thanks again for the great work!  Matt Bogers

I would like to express my gratitude to precision drum company for the bearing edge repair done to my 13x9 rogers tom. I was very pleased with the friendly service I received when I called to arrange shipment. I felt reassured that the work would be done to my satisfaction. I sent the drum from my home in central Pennsylvania on a Wednesday and it was delivered to my door on Friday. The bearing edges were beautifully done, polished & true. I should add that this drum suffered from a very bad bearing edge job done previously by another store and I was not sure it could be corrected. I have owned my rogers set since about 1973 and it was a great feeling to have my drum so professionally restored. With precision drum company you get great quality and the best service you've had in years.
Sincerely, Terry Kline

I put my vintage Ludwig toms back together this weekend and was very happy with the results. The new bearing edges brought them back to life. Your expert craftsmanship allowed these shells to once again be "the Best They Can Be! In a playing run from high to low with a total of 10 toms they stood out with a renewed lively sound. They were not tunable before, and now can be tuned to their "true natural tone" to fit in with the rest based upon size. The new bearing edge made all the difference in the world. As you are aware, the edges are now probably better than they even were when originally built at the Ludwig factory. I am well pleased and preparing to send the rest of the collection of toms to you this week.  Lucky Carmean

You guys recut the bearing edges on my Ludwig Exotic Snare in this picture, and it sounds great. Before your mod the snare sounded choked, and was difficult to tune. It now has a great range of tunability and excellent response.  Marko. View picture

Thank you so much for cutting my Noble & Cooley drum shells and new bearing edges. Perfect job, they sound and look great. You are a joy to work with. Your communication and hospitality was great. You took the time to explain everything to me and make great suggestions. I can’t be happier with the work and I’m already thinking about the rest of the kit to bring it up to the same sound caliper. The double 45 bearing edge cuts worked better than I expected and the tuning range is now much wide from very low to high.  I’ve been playing drum for a long time and have had a lot of work done on my various kits and I have to say Precision is one of the best drum services available.  Getting it done while I waited was a bonus. Clearly you all have a passion for your work.  I highly recommend Precision drum services and will be recommending you to all my drummer friends. - Ron Ouimette

Thank you for cutting the bearing edges on my Sonors.  Big difference ! I can tune them now, and the pitch is free of sour tones.  Greg Esthus

You did an incredible job on the bearing edges on an old Tama snare that I had brought along. I can honestly say that this Drum sounds better than ever and tuned up with ease.  Thanks Again, Bob Briggs

Hey, I came in yesterday and had my bearing edges re cut. I can't tell you how happy I am now with this kit. These toms have SO much tone and they SING now. Thank you so much again. Joe Longobardi

It was the debut gig of my Ludwig gold sparkle set with their newly recut edges. I had put on new heads, too. Everybody in the band loved them, even the most critical member, who said, "THAT'S the sound we've been looking for!" Anyway, the drums have new life and so, it seems, the drummer does, too. Mark. View picture

Wrap recovering kit testimonials:

Applying the new blue-white pearl covering with contact cement was a piece of cake. Most people who have seen the drum set think it is a new fresh-off-the-shelf set. I'm very well pleased with your re-covering material, and would recommend it to anyone who would like to return a drum set to first class condition.  Richard. View before and after photo

The high quality of your plastics is just superb.  Mike

My drums came out so great, that my friends thought I had bought new drums. ... Your great company has saved me hundreds of dollars.  Ted

You know what I LIKE about you guys? I admit I ordered some wrap some time ago from xxx xxxxxxx (name deleted by Precision), but was put off by the pressure, phone calls, and they made me feel like I had no idea what I was doing, and tried very hard to up-sell me.  You guys: no pressure, no hassle, nothing but very friendly service and I get exactly what I want without feeling like I'm being pressured to buy stuff I don't need.  THANK YOU for that, and I will forever be a fan (and a customer) of Precision! Feel free to quote me on that!  Harrison Sweazea

I was very pleased with the results of your drum re-covering kit. I am so pleased I am ordering covering for my other set. The drums really look great. The operation was so easy and logical. Your instructions were easy to follow and the whole operation was enjoyable.  Douglas

This is the first time I've written a letter of thanks or praise to a supplier or manufacturer. You shipped promptly, you sent exactly what I ordered, your directions were specific, the results were amazing, and I'm pleased with the entire transaction.  Art

I ordered your Turquoise sparkle a few months ago. Well, after speaking to your very pleasant staff I was confident enough to tackle the recovering of my Yamaha Drum Kit. I followed all the instructions supplied with your re-covering kits, I purchased all recommended adhesive, and tools. Not only did the job turn out 100% as good as any factory job that I have EVER SEEN, I have had offers to sell the drums. Joe Piccione

The wrap supplied was a much better grade product than what I received from [Other company name]. The instructions were easy to follow, and the results amazing.  Bill D.

Just thought I'd drop you guys a quick note to mention how delighted I am with the results of my long-awaited refinishing job on my mid-Sixties Gretsch "Progressive Jazz+".  The results are… how shall I say? Breathtaking? Fabulous? Spectacular?  I now have this kit which looks like I just brought it home from the music store in 1965. Thanks also for your expert advice.
I am a guy who is always very concerned about the sound quality and resonance of my drums before anything else. One of the reasons I put a satin flame on those drums all those years ago was because it's very thin plastic - not going to dampen any resonance from the shells. This time, I was a bit nervous about changing to the glass glitter, which is a relatively thick plastic wrap. To my surprise, once my drums were done, reassembled, and tuned up, they actually sound better than they did before! The toms especially have even more resonance and sustain than they did before. I have NO explanation of why this is possible.  - Eric Brant,  Canada.  View before and after picture

Thanks for the great stuff....following your wrap directions to a tee, it came out  perfectly. This was an old 60's Pearl set which was about 2/3 in the grave.  George J.  View before and after picture

Precision Drum friends... just wanted to thank you for the high quality drum wrap  I bought from you, and the clear directions for covering my drum. I took an old  Tama Rockstar floor tom that was boring white, and recovered it with your blue  glass glitter. The job came out perfect, and I am thrilled with the look of my old drum.  Peter McCory, the One-Man Band for Kids!  Warrenton, VA

Shell cutting services testimonials:

I just received my 9x12 tom back...now 6x12. Another excellent job by Precision Drum Co. It sounds GREAT!!! Turn-around was 4 days...that is the drum was delivered to them on Monday and I received back Thursday. I'm astounded how much cleaner and accurate the re-cut bearing edges are compared to the factory cut edges.  Jeff Trenholm. View before and after picture

I finally got around to putting this kit together, and I have to say I am EXTREMELY happy.  Adam Wade
Precision cut shells to shorter depths and converted a second bass drum into a woofer. View picture

I just received my two Yamaha Maple Custom Toms back today and I am truly blown away. The craftsmanship is absolutely flawless to say the least. Andrea was right when she told me over the phone that once my drums were cut, they would look brand new like the came from the original factory. And she said you would never know that the drums were cut. Andrea, you were right.
To the team at Precision Drum Company, thank you so very much. You did an amazing job. The turn around time was unbelievable, I couldn't believe that I already have the drums back in my studio less than a week later. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for drum repair or looking for a custom kit. I looked through your catalog and am blown away at the custom craftsmanship you put into your drums. If I ever look into buying another kit in the future, you will be receiving a visit from me. Take care and have a good and safe rest of your summer.  Tim Delonghamp

I just wanted to say thanks for an outstanding job on the Ayotte cut-downs that you guys did for me. It made a huge difference, not only on positioning capabilities, but the actual sound in general...they still sound like they did before, just now with a lot more sustain/punch.  Jason G

Just want to say Thank You to everyone there @ PDC. I am extremely happy with my drum shells. What a great job and I got them back so fast I wasn't even ready for them. Terry Michael. Precision cut shells to shorter depths. View picture

I received the drum on Friday and it looks great!  The cut is very clean and the edge is better than the factory edge.  Thanks a lot for the professional work and the excellent customer service.  Brad Williams

The 12" tom that I had you cut and re-edge came out perfectly. Cutting the shell depth did exactly what I hoped it would. Out of all of the toms I have on hand for various setup arrangements, 8" through 16" all even diameters, the 12" seemed to have one set of ugly overtones in the mid-range frequency that killed the drum's tone. I tried different heads, tunings, etc. with no change. Tuning the 12" was also a nightmare, I think mainly because of the overtone issue.
Cutting the shell depth from the original 8" to the 6 3/8" you recommended seems to have completely eliminated those overtones and also makes the tom super-easy to tune (and it stays in tune). It sounds AWESOME!!! Turn around time was also excellent.  Jeff Trenholm. View picture

Max Wheatleys drums.  Precision cut the bass drum and installed latches to convert it into a split/latch nesting drum for easy transportation and storage of drums. View picture

I had the pleasure of working with Gary and his team for a re-cut project for three toms from my Pearl kit. All of my email questions were answered promptly, and the team consulted with me on the best sizings to avoid unnecessary drilling and costs. The drums returned perfectly in the sizes I desired, and the expertly-cut bearing edges were flatter and sharper than the originals, which significantly improved the sound and tuning. I now have the "custom" kit that I've always wanted for a minimal investment, and I recognize Precision as my go-to for drum expertise. Precision sets the standard for service, creativity, and craftsmanship, and I recommend them highly. Brent Rolland. View picture

Custom Kit testimonials:

I've owned many kits over the years and currently have 3 others (SJC, Pearl Reference, Drum Craft Series 8). But I have to say that the Precision kit has been the absolute best hands down. It doesn't seem to ever go out of tune. Whereas many others that I've had before, including the current ones, don't hold their tuning as well or are difficult to get that right pitch. Michael A.

What can I say? I'm really at a loss for words when it comes to capturing the essence of excellence in this instrument! This is a drum set that far exceeds my expectations. The tonality alone is exceptional, the workmanship is top-notch, and the appearance is unbelievable. Quite simply, Precision drums are the best I've ever heard.....Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find the instrument I have been searching for for the last 40 years!!  John Marshall

I've played a LOT of drums over the years, from vintage kits to top of the line brand new kits and pretty much every thing in between. Never have I been so speechless as when I pulled my Precision drums out of the boxes. The craftsmanship is beautiful, they sound like nothing I've ever played before, and everyone I've dealt with at the company has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was happy and that the drums were right for me.  Jeff Gretz

So, I've just seen and heard my second Precision Drum kit in the last month or so, and this time, the drummer was kind enough to let me tap around the skins for a bit. It was then that a strange sinking feeling hit me: that of needlessly dropping a ton of dough on my new DW kit. Don't get me wrong, the DWs are a top-flight kit, as is yours...but to have gotten EXACTLY the drums I always wanted, and for considerably less money (...heavy sigh). BTW, those wood hoops of yours are very cool!  I promise you, when it's time to once again assemble my "dream kit," I will look no further than Precision Drum. If only I had known about your company before!  You guys may very well be the best-kept secret in the business...and you deserve to be out front!  Whatever you're doing, keep up the good work. Your product is fantastic.  Frank L.

I am a tone and gear freak! All my gear has to perform at its best and sound its best. Not one drum company has satisfied me... that was until I played a Precision! These drums are loud, unbelievable sounding and can take a beating. Precision Drums has never failed me. I am forever grateful for having such an amazing company support me.  Jay Gantz


I have been playing Precision Drum Company drums since early 1995. The first kit Gary and George built me was a 20/12/14 jazzer. I had it custom finished with 7 coats of hand rubbed clear lacquer… there has never been a sweeter sounding drum kit EVER... I also had an enormous double bass drum kit built in my hardcore metal days…. Most recently, they built me my newest baby, an 18/10/12/14 bop kit in Champagne sparkle to get back to my jazz roots…. The attention to detail and the careful, individualized treatment that they give you makes every inch of your drums into a truly custom kit… such care and love of the instrument truly warms my heart and this so far out shadows my experiences with any other company. All of this, is not even to mention the most accurate bearing edges and clearest, most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard from any drum at any price. They are simply the best.
Mike Bernazzani

Very few times a company comes along with the perfect combination of craftsmanship, sound and art. From the construction and appearance of the drums, to the world-class Precision Drum sound, is something that most of us only dream about in a drum set and in a company. It´s even rarer to find a company with a staff of unbelievable dedicated and talented drummers who above all are caring people and good friends. I can honestly say that Precision Drum Company covers all my expectations and broadly exceeds them. I’m honored and proud to be associated with Precision Drum Company.
Gonzalo Suarez, Venezuela

Incredible company, incredible drums, incredible service. I could not be happier with the set that those fine folks at Precision Drum Co. made customized for me. They've got themselves a life-long customer.
Jordan Marcellus

I like Precision because of the bright and true sound of the drums, and the light weight materials available. They sound just right for Jazz.  Marvin ‘Bugalu’ Smith

I have played many drum kits, a lot of which I came to like over time. I have never fallen in love with a drum set until I went to Precision drums. As soon as I walked into their shop, I was amazed by all the vintage wraps they had, and the different drum kits. The people there were, and still are very friendly, and invited me to play the drums in the showroom. I'm very picky with my drum sound, so I look for certain characteristics in a drum kit. I tested out their beautiful kits and was amazed by the sound and the resonant tone. The drums are also incredibly easy to tune because of precision’s standard 45 degree bearing edges. I gave them my specs and they worked really quickly and they didn't lower the quality of their work because I was young. I am also thankful to the people at Precision for giving me an endorsee deal at such a young age. The bands I play for love the way my drums sound and its all thanks to precision.  Aaron Steele

I like Precision Drums natural wood sound. I know from visiting the factory that they put a lot of care and close inspection into every drum they produce, unlike many mainstream drum companies who rely more on machines. They are also easy to carry because they’re light weight.  Andrew Greeney

Precision Drum Co. is another way of saying amazing. Everything from the raw shell to the completed drum is perfection. Everyone at Precision is very helpful and actually cares about your needs. When I ordered a snare from Precision, it was so easy, fast and I got exactly what I wanted before the estimated time of arrival. This was amazing because previous drum companies I have dealt with were less than mediocre. When I received my snare and realized how great it was, I didn't hesitate to order a whole kit. My kit is the most amazing sounding and looking kit I could ever ask for. Thanks for making such great drums.  Jason Baksh

Now I have 2 complete sets of Precision drums ... As a semi-professional drummer who does free-lance work, I play in a variety of venues, from outdoor festivals to small restaurant lounges. With these drums I can now mix and match to get whatever combination is best suited for the job. I can say without exaggeration that at almost every gig I've taken them, somebody, drummer or non-drummer, has made a comment on how good my kit looks and/or sounds. So once again, thank you very much for a fine product and excellent service.  David Barbour

The time you spent with me in planning out my kit is much appreciated.  You can't get that from the big companies. Your attention to detail,  knowledge and professionalism is absolutely wonderful and very helpful.  Tom Gallagher

I’ve had some time now to settle into my new drums and so here I am, writing to share with you just how pleased and thankful I am for your service and your product. With your guidance I designed my 7-peice, dream drumset-of-a-lifetime. I honestly could not be happier with the sound and feel of my drums! And the fact that you agreed to let me do the finish myself helped make the drums just that much more special to me. So basically, thank you for helping me to fulfill my drumkit dreams!
In the interest of tone and resonance, Gary, you encouraged me to visit your shop and talk drums. It was more than clear to me that our 2 hour(!!) conversation in the showroom was only the beginning of the wonderful service and attention you would pay to me. You patiently poured over every detail of shells (like depth v. diameter and breather holes or not) and hardware with me and addressed all my concerns regarding finish choices and methods. Your forthcoming advice-from-experience was very helpful and saved me from some of my own costly trial and error. So thank you for that!
You were fair and easy to deal with about shipping shells back and forth, swapping a shell that I had concerns about, and exchanging mistakenly ordered hardware. This is definitely one of the many pleasures I enjoyed while dealing with your company.
The drums: Having never owned a true all-maple drumset, you can imagine how this has been my dream. Punch, warm tone, and sustain pretty much sums up what I was looking for in my new kit, and most drummers know that you don’t have to look much further than maple drums to achieve those sound qualities. Again, with your guidance, I chose 6 ply rack toms and snare drum, and 8 ply floor toms and bass drum. Needless to say, I just melt into these drums when I play them. They’re everything I’ve ever wanted.
Without sounding too weird… there is something special about playing an instrument that is so in tune with you that it’s like a part of you. This often happens when one crafts one’s own instrument. Ask any Native American flute maker or any African djembe maker how amazing it is to play an instrument that he has poured time and sweat into before it could even make any music. It just becomes an extension of your self. I’ve been fortunate to experience this not only with my new Precision drums, but also through skinning and playing my own djembes.
OK, granted… I didn’t MAKE my drums, nor did I drill any holes. But, I did lovingly and painstakingly sand the heck out of the raw shells (LOTS of sanding!!) and very nervously applied pre-stain, Minwax gel stain, and wipe on polyurethane with very pleasing results. Actually, if I do say so myself, I’m thrilled with the way they look!! Just icing on the cake though, as I’m really focused on how great my drums sound. And nevertheless, I had SOMEthing to do with the finishing of these drums, so they are truly a part of me now!
Well, I feel I’m rambling a bit. If I truly wanted to cover everything we did, and every aspect you helped me on, this would be a four-page letter and hey, I DON’T have a BLOG!! I had to get this to you though to express my sincere appreciation for all you’ve done for me and for being an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to building more instruments with you and your fine company.   Greg DiMiceli. View picture

Short Version:  Simply put, Precision Drums are the best sounding, best looking drums I have ever played. My set has performed well in every situation I’ve put it through, and are tough enough to handle the rigors of touring.

Long Version:  Let’s start with a simple statement of fact: Precision Drums are awesome. My set is the most responsive, beautiful sounding, and beautiful looking kit that I have ever played. The finish is striking and masterfully done. In fact, as soon as I have them out of the cases, I have people coming up to ask me who made them.
As to the details of the construction of the drums, I selected a 20 ply maple snare (4x14).This is the first time that I have used such thick wood on a snare, and the extra plys have an interesting effect on the tone. Tuned tightly, it produces a strong, wood-tinged pop with dark edges, and the tone is strong enough that it can clearly cut through other instruments on stage without needing to be cranked to marching-snare level tightness. Hitting near the edge of the head causes the higher frequencies of the wood to respond, so the result is a startlingly different ringing snap. Also, in part due to the thicker shells, rim clicks from this drum are positively deafening.
The toms (9x12, 13x16 – Maple, 8 ply) ring out loud and clear. They can also handle different types of heads and different muffling styles, so you can suit them to the situation easily. The tone is both warm and vibrant, and the wood responds well to even light pressure.
The bass drum (18x22, Maple, 8-ply) is definitely a professional’s instrument. It produces tons of sound, and there are many options as to how to shape and direct that sound. The shell of the bass is very responsive, so it will ring strongly without having to pound the drum as hard as you can (although I still tend to do that anyways). I use a muffled batter side head to balance the sound with the other instruments, but that does not detract from the satisfying THOOMP you get out of it. It’s basically a made-to-order producer of awesome.
The whole process of designing the kit was greatly facilitated by Gary and the rest of the team at Precision Drum Company. They were able to take my half-baked ideas and turn them into something tangible, and could answer every question I had with an amazing wealth of knowledge. This drum set is going to last years, and is one of the best that you’ll be able to find anywhere.  David Tilove. View picture

I'd like to extend a big time thanks to Gary and The Precision Drum Team for taking the quality time and care to build me my dream drum kit. Simple - like my drumming style - 4 pieces - mahogany shells - blue sparkle wrap. I've learned to play in the pocket all my life. But I rely on a thunderous, yet bright and warm, drum sound. And with this kit - I get the best of all World's.
Working with Gary and the PD Team was spectacular. And when I visited the factory to pick up my brand new custom kit, it was really cool. I got the nickel tour and was blown away seeing the first class materials used, the workmanship and quality control.
Most importantly, my new custom PD kit was ready just in time to prepare for out Tour with the Brian Setzer Orchestra in Fall of 2007. We rocked 25 cities, 29 venues. New York to California and back - every show sold out. Thanks to Precision Drum, the compliments from the sound crew were almost daily. I would recommend PD to anyone. But don't take my word for it - call PD, ask for Gary and tell him to build you YOUR dream set up. Rockin' Always ~ Yours Truly ~   Wally Wollet

Thank you for me custom (small) bass drum!! I described what I  wanted over the phone, and I had it in hand less than 1 week later!!  It is an 18-inch x 6-inch maple bass drum. I got to use it for  the first time this weekend, and it sounded 5X as big as it was.  It is perfect for my smaller, percussion-only, gigs!  Eric Puente. View picture

I've had my Silver Sparkle toms you made for about a month now and have put them though the paces. I just would like to tell you how happy I am with them. The workmanship is top notch and most importantly the sound is out of this world. People who have heard them are very impressed. I am headed into the recording studio soon and can't wait to hear the final output.
Thanks and keep up the good work!  Mark Bonasera

Over the years, I have played drums made by just about every large commercial company known to the trade. In early 2005, the time came for me to purchase a new drum kit. It was then that I realized that there were so many directions a drummer in my position could turn. After researching my options and talking with other experienced drummers, I arrived at the decision to go with custom built drums over the "prefab-made" route. It was then that I did some homework and quickly found out about the Precision Drum Company. Not only did I discover the quality of their products to be top-notch, I soon realized that by working closely with Precision, it would allow me the freedom to choose options that I wanted on my drum kit that the large commercial companies could just never offer. Now, as I continue to work with the Precision Drum Company on the design of a second kit, I realize that I have found the last company that I will ever need when it comes to the construction of my custom drums.
As a proud endorser of Precision Drums, I welcome any questions you might have regarding my positive experiences with them. Choose Precision Drum Company, and you too, will realize what I now know as fact.... Excellent customer service, a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and superior quality drums made to your specifications. Now that is Precision!  Ed Thompson

Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the drums recently purchased from you. The set truly has "a big kit sound." I've started gigging again after a 15 year break to raise a daughter. The other musicians I play with claim the Precisions are louder and crisper than the 1968 Ludwigs I normally use (which you fixed for me a few years ago). And, they're a heck of a lot easier to pack around and set up, especially for a "vintage drummer"! Keep up the good work! I'm proud to show off the Precision logo on the front of the bass drum during jobs. I get a lot of complements on the look, and of course sound of the drums.  Bob Newton. View picture

About a year ago I bought the used 8x14 40 ply snare and designed what I call the GnG kit (Green and Gold kit) with you guys for me. First off let me say that the kit is amazing it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a drum set. It looks amazing and sounds amazing. The Kick drum is the best sounding kick drum I’ve ever played and nothing comes close to replicating it. When I purchased this kit from you I had 5 other drum sets. I’m happy to say I now only have the GnG kit. This is how impressed I am with this kit that I sold all my other kits and only play the GnG kit. The 40 ply snare is also amazing. No other snare on the market comes close. The Crack and tone of the drum are in other world as far as snare drums go. Many of my drummer friends try to one up my snare sound by going out and buying many different snare drums to compete and every time are dissatisfied. Sound engineers and other drummers are just in awe of this snare and the kit as well. People usually come up to me and say I’ve never seen a drum set as beautiful as that. Trevor Hall. View picture

I just purchased a Precision kit used with short stack toms and I absolutely love it.  I had a DW and sold it becuz these drums kick its butt.  Ozzie Jimenez

Snare drum testimonials:

I just wanted to tell You how happy and pleased I am with the drum that
You built me just recently. I had let You build a 3x8 snare drum, it  was a bit of an experiment for me since I had never heard or seen such  a small snare before.  Talking to my good friend and Precision Drum endorsee Zoltan Csorsz he  mentioned if there was one company in the world that could build such  a drum it was You.  He was so right, the drum You sent me was beyond my wildest dreams.
I am very, very thankful and happy to have come across such magnificent  craftsmanship and such professionalism all the way through the  process, from ordering and handling and so on  Many many thanks and a big salute to You guys!  Tomas Erlandsson, Sweden. View picture

I ordered the acrylic snare drum from you on Monday and I already got it on Wednesday evening. I just wanted to say that I was amazed at how fast you got it to me and even more amazed at how perfect the snare drum is. Thank You for the great service.  Chris

I received my 20 ply snare today, and I have to say that it came out amazing. Everything is done exactly the way I wanted and with excellent quality. Thanks for doing such an awesome job.  Gabe Solomon

I have done my first few shows now on my new 30-ply 8x12 snare and 6-ply 8x7 rack tom, and I couldn't be more pleased! They sound and look awesome, and I can't count the number of great comments I had about the sound and look of each after the shows. Every drummer in the room wanted to check out that snare! Precision Drum Co.'s personalized and friendly service was excellent as they built the snare of my dreams to my exact specifications, and the finished drum far exceeded my expectations. It has the balance of a sharp crack and full body that I have been searching for in a snare drum. The rack tom produces an incredibly full sound for such a small drum, and like the snare looks as great as it sounds. I look forward to completing my full kit of Precision Drums!  Stumpy. View picture 1 and picture 2

My custom Precision snare drum looks and sounds great!  Sompop from Thailand. View picture 1 and picture 2

Wood hoop and wood rim testimonials:

I recently retro-fitted my snare drums with a couple of your maple hoops and I just wanted to let you know  that they absolutely ROCK! They look as good as they  sound, it's twice the drum it used to be. thanks.  Zack Albetta

I just wanted to say thanks again for the wood hoops. Both the drums to which I've added them were retired and just sitting around on a shelf with a host of others. One sounded awful and the other had hardware that left much to be desired. So I took the opportunity to renovate and reawaken them.
And their tones are incredible!!!! The wood hoops added such a dark timbre to even my 10" snare that they sound like nothing I've heard before. Now I want more!  Justin

About a month ago I ordered two 12" rims from your company.  They arrived quickly and were exactly what I needed.  Perfect in every way!!  Charles W. King

Hey Gary, the hoops turned out great! I wanted to send you some pictures to see if you  could put them on your web site.  Thanks, Ken Myers. View picture

Attached are two photo's of a set I put together about 12 yrs. ago with your Keller shells. I added the wood hoops and claws to the toms about a month ago and LOVE THEM!!!!!! What a sound. Thank you guys(and gals) for the great merchandise and service.  Dave Kovarik. View picture

Let me just say that the maple hoops you sent me are AMAZING. For the last couple weeks I have been finishing them by hand with 100% pure tung oil, and they look great. Yesterday I finally got to put them on my drums and it's like having a whole new kit. The sound is incredible; they really opened up the tone and my drums sing like never before. My 18" bass drum is thumping almost like a 24" kick thanks to the 2" riser your designed. I can't wait to take these drums to my next gig!!  Bennett Williams. View picture

Canopus Maple 6.5x12 snare + Precision drum custom SUPPPPER!!!! WOOD RIMS!  Thanks Precision!!
This snare sound is fantastic!!!  Shin from South Korea. View picture

Snare Bed testimonials:

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the amazing turn around time on having the snare beds cut. i used the drum over last weekend and the "buzz" i was encountering is completely gone! KUDOS to Precision drum and staff, you guys are the best!  Bill Brown

Build you own drums testimonials:

I just wanted to say thanks for doing whatever it is you're doing,  because you're doing it right....
I bought shells, lugs, and misc. other hardware from you....12 year  ago! I built the drums myself - very carefully. They sounded  phenomenal; I couldn't believe I'd made these, and when other people  asked what kind of drums they were (because they sounded so awesome),  I told them, "I made them myself." Queue the clip of people's jaws  hitting the floor....  Now that I've picked up the sticks again, I can't believe that they  still sound amazing - it's unreal! And I'm so, so excited that when  I'm ready, I'll be able to pick up some new stuff to add on to my  already fantastic sounding set, because you guys are still around.  You guys rock!  Kevin O'Neill

I just wanted to drop an email to tell you guys how much I love these drums. I finally got it all put together, 18x26 bass, 9x13 and 14x16 toms, and I have to say its probably the best sounding drum set I've heard in person. These drums just sound massive.  Thanks for being great; awesome customer service. You just can't get that with a big company.  Totally stoked,  Tak

I searched and compared for almost TWO years before making my decision. I just want to say how VERY happy I am- that I chose Precision Drum Co!  FLAWLESS bearing edges; clean lug holes; BEAUTIFUL grain pattern; impeccable customer service and UNBEATABLE price.  THANKYOU!! WELL Done!  I will spread the word to every drummer I know- and wish you all the very best.  Doug Byrd

You and your team did a fantastic job helping me build my cocktail drum. Thank you for making a dream come true.  Scott G. View picture

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the terrific service I received when placing my last order. Your knowledgeable staff helped to start my project off on the right foot. I was extremely pleased both with the quality of the shells and hardware as well as the speed in which it arrived at my door. The kit came out awesome and I've received nothing but compliments (even from my wife). I've recommended you to those who've asked and I look forward to doing more business with Precision Drum in the future. Thanks for everything.  Scot Aitcheson. View picture

I bought shells and parts from you earlier. Now its done and I want to say thank you! They work great.
Anton Jonsson, Sweden. View picture

I just wanted to thank you all for you help and advise with my purchase of my shells and hardware for my kit. As you can see , they turned out great.  I covered the shells with mappa burl wood on wood veneer then custom mixed my stain and then sprayed 14 coats of lacquer. They sound great! Patrick Haggerty. View picture

I ordered a 3 piece unfinished maple set from you back in May. I never had a chance to follow up with you to tell you how thoroughly HAPPY I am with drums. They sound amazing in both live and recorded settings. I had a fun/easy time staining and finishing the drums, thanks to your advice. I really can't thank you enough for the time and attention you spent with me during the ordering process.
Thanks again. Tom Begandy. View picture

Wanted to share a couple of pics with you from a shell I got from you a while back. It is a floor tom with a monsterous sound and doubles as a bass drum for smaller venues.  Thanks.  Ed Schaeffer. View picture 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, pic 5

Attached are pictures of a snare for which Precision Drum supplied the brass lugs, tension rods, air vents and most notably the wood hoops which are extraordinary! The shell is a Vaughncraft single ply hybrid: curly red oak and rosewood.  Thank you George for your tips working with those brass lugs.
Sincerely,  Anthony Faulkner. View picture

Kit finish and assembly done by Danny Wolf. View picture

I thought you might like to see the result of our combined labor. Snare Drum: 6.5x 14 Mahogany shell-10 coats of Poly. Yall have been very good to me and I appreciate it immensely. Grant Kersey. View picture

Custom paint by "The Bearded 1", pin striping by Lil' Toot. Shells and lugs by Precision, hoops are die cast pearl, pretty much everything else is from Gibraltar. Randy Cook. View picture

On Friday of last week I made a trip to your shop to purchase components to build a snare. I would like to thank George for all of his help to get me started on this project. He went over and above what I had expected for service. Thanks Again, Bob Briggs

I had a vision of a drum set that I was going to build, so I started looking into it and I found you guys. I got my shells and covers and started from there. Drum builder Mike R. View picture 1 and pic 2

I had your company wrap a 15"dia x 24"deep Keller for me about 10 years ago..I made a cocktail drum out of it and have really gotten a ton of use out of it. Just click on the video link to see the drum in use. Absolutely love this drum.. Niles. View video

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the service provided by you and your company. The time from payment to shipping was amazing and the cuts of the wrap were spot on. I ordered shells and hardware from another supplier on this kit, but due to the quality and speed of your service I'll be using Precision Drum for all my future drum building needs. Thanks again! Michael Boyer. View picture