Bearing edge re-cutting

Bearing edge re-cutting - Precision Drum logoWe have performed bearing edge re-cutting on just about every major brand of drums, with great results! Most drum companies don’t take the necessary time to cut bearing edges well. Not only is the bearing edge design/contour important, but also the quality with which the edges are cut and polished.
Precision Drum Company has been recognized for many years as being an industry leader in providing top quality bearing edges. We have re-cut bearing edges on hundreds of drums, of just about every major brand, and many small custom brands as well. The results have been outstanding!
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Bearing edges are the contours (angle or round) cut at the edges of the drum shell. The bearing edge is where the drum head "bears", or makes contact with the drum shell. The style and quality of the bearing edge has a great effect on the sound of the drum. We can accommodate just about any bearing edge request.