Drum shells

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Drum shells are the foundation of any drum kit. Precision Drum Company offers only the highest quality drum shells and has been a Keller shell distributor for many years. We stock the Keller VSS maple shells in 5, 6, 8, and 10 ply and can provide Vintage Mahogany, Vintage Maple, and Birch shells upon request. We also offer acrylic shells made by RCI in many colors and configurations.

Keller Maple VSS drum shells are available with or without reinforcing rings, in 5, 6, 8, and 10 ply. 15 ply and thicker are available in some diameters. We offer bearing edge, hole drilling, and other services which may be applied to shells.

Keller VSS maple drum shells

Keller Vintage Mahogany drum shells are made with African Mahogany as outer and inner plies, three plies of North American Poplar, and one ply of Birch. Vintage Mahogany shells include 10 ply Maple reinforcing rings. We offer bearing edge, hole drilling, and other services which may be applied to shells.

Shell below shown with clear top coat finish.

Vintage Mahogany drum shells

See video of a Vintage Mahogany snare drum shell in use here.

Acrylic drum shells - Manufactured by RCI International, hardened acrylic polymer engineered by RCI and made in the USA .
All seams are acrylic welded and sealed (Engineered at RCI International Patent Pending). These shells do not have a support tab or thin strip of plastic holding the seam together. The RCI Starlite shells stand second to none due to the fact they are made for the percussion industry. RCI Starlite shells (Solid transparent colors, or Pattern colors) are "acrylic welded" at the seams thus making them air and water proof.

We offer bearing edge and hole drilling services which may be applied to acrylic shells.

Acrylic drum shells - colors

pattern shells

Hear a Precision Drum Company acrylic kit in the video below: